About Rogue Dad, M.D.

Welcome to Rogue Dad, M.D.

An alt-brown look at medicine, money, faith, and family

This blog's mission is to help educate others across the four domains that dominate my life: medicine, family, finance, and religion (no, not necessarily in that order).

I'm a father of three young boys.  My wife and I are raising them in an inter-religious, multi-cultural household in the Midwest.  As a Muslim guy married to a Christian woman, we are raising them with the Islamic faith, yet Christmas may be the most fun holiday we celebrate.

As a pediatrician specializing in pediatric emergency medicine, with a degree in business management, I spend a great deal of time working in and pondering the intersection of personal finance and the business of medicine.

The blog is going to share stories, tips, encounters, advice, and lessons that result from these encounters.

Ultimately I want to entertain and educate the reader, and when you walk (or click) away, have you happy you stumbled onto this site.  In return I hope to learn from you, and have your readership help me pursue this site's charitable mission.

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