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From the outside my life appears conventional — wife, kids, minivan, home in the suburbs. While I would like to tell you this is a front for my life as a superspy, I’m more likely to be mistaken for Ray Romano than James Bond.

While my life isn’t exotic, it doesn’t usually feel conventional. I constitute the taller, swarthier half of an interracial, inter-religious marriage. With a marriage that is a mashup of Islam and Christianity, an 2nd-generation American vs. rural America, we deal with both the mundane stress of day-to-day life and the continuous learning that comes from having different backgrounds. With three boys, just sitting on the living room couch can be an adventure.

I work as physician in a pediatric emergency department -- in an 8-hour period I meet children ranging from mildly to severely ill

from every background (sometimes the families need more help than the children). However, the stress those families are enduring gives me an opportunity to learn from them, connect with them, and on occasion teach and help them. As most of these families I would never otherwise encounter, it’s a fulfilling job even when it’s a terrible job.

So while day-to-day life can feel mundane, it is rarely boring.  The blog is going to share stories, tips, encounters, advice, and lessons that result from our daily life. Some of these will be short and practical to share a specific point, and some will be longer and more about the journey than the ending. Hopefully they are interesting or relevant to most of you. Assuming this blog lasts long enough, I will likely write something relevant to everyone, though it may not always be interesting to everyone.

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