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The Meaning of Alt-Brown

This blog went live in April, 2018 — I have yet to explain the blog tagline (“An alt-brown look at medicine, money, faith, and family”), or provide a blog “origin story.”  It’s probably taken this long because as in many other things, I take awhile to get to the point. I tend to ramble and […]


Pay More, Save More — Being The Boss

This is a guest post from Anjali Jariwala, a certified financial planner (CFP), certified public accountant (CPA), and founder of FIT Advisors.  She provides an overview of some of the important tax and savings consequences of being an employee vs. being self-employed.  Anjali is a site sponsor, but this is not a paid post.   […]

A Party

Dealing with the Unexpected — The Code

Expect the Unexpected I glanced over at the infant and immediately became concerned. A moment ago he was smiling — now he was grunting, less interactive, and appeared very uncomfortable. It was a sudden change.  It’s a common scenario in pediatrics — kid appears to be doing great, until suddenly he isn’t. I looked to […]


The Dad Life

I had our first guest post planned for this week, however I did not have time to edit it.  Instead, I am sharing my favorite YouTube video: I can’t tell if my older brother modeled himself after this video, or they observed him for months before making it. I will admit that I have cheap […]